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Renard R-41 Helios-2 by larrynguyen0096 Renard R-41 Helios-2 :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 0 0 Renard R-41 Helios-1 by larrynguyen0096 Renard R-41 Helios-1 :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 0 0 Gallian Royal Air Force Renard R-41 Helios fighter by larrynguyen0096 Gallian Royal Air Force Renard R-41 Helios fighter :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 0 0 WIP Reggiane Re.2000 Falco I by larrynguyen0096 WIP Reggiane Re.2000 Falco I :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 2 0 M27 Centurion Main Battle Tank by larrynguyen0096 M27 Centurion Main Battle Tank :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 5 1 English Electric Lightning F.6 (Repost) by larrynguyen0096 English Electric Lightning F.6 (Repost) :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 2 1 Muv-Luv F-4M Phantom FGR.2 by larrynguyen0096 Muv-Luv F-4M Phantom FGR.2 :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 2 0 WIP Muv-Luv F-4M Phantom (Completed body) by larrynguyen0096 WIP Muv-Luv F-4M Phantom (Completed body) :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 1 0 WIP F-4M Phantom by larrynguyen0096 WIP F-4M Phantom :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 2 0 TSF Assault Cannon design by larrynguyen0096 TSF Assault Cannon design :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 2 0 Muv-Luv TSFIA:Defense of Lyon by larrynguyen0096 Muv-Luv TSFIA:Defense of Lyon :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 0 0 Completed render: TSA Su-25 Grach (Rook) by larrynguyen0096 Completed render: TSA Su-25 Grach (Rook) :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 1 0 Muv-Luv The Euro Front: English Electric Lightning by larrynguyen0096 Muv-Luv The Euro Front: English Electric Lightning :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 3 1 British TSF Assault Cannons by larrynguyen0096 British TSF Assault Cannons :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 2 0 Binary Rifle by larrynguyen0096 Binary Rifle :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 4 0 Macchi C.200 Serie 1 w.out texture by larrynguyen0096 Macchi C.200 Serie 1 w.out texture :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 0 0


Allied fighter Midge-Mk2b(alternative history) by NovA29R Allied fighter Midge-Mk2b(alternative history) :iconnova29r:NovA29R 12 5 HORNET_concept WIP 02 by NovA29R HORNET_concept WIP 02 :iconnova29r:NovA29R 35 3 DWG-183 Jet Fighter by PAK-FAace1234 DWG-183 Jet Fighter :iconpak-faace1234:PAK-FAace1234 53 6 Gallian Navy SCB-2 Scout Bomber by PAK-FAace1234 Gallian Navy SCB-2 Scout Bomber :iconpak-faace1234:PAK-FAace1234 68 13 VF 27 Fighter mode by EastCoastCanuck VF 27 Fighter mode :iconeastcoastcanuck:EastCoastCanuck 208 31 Morning Kiss by LyrykenLied Morning Kiss :iconlyrykenlied:LyrykenLied 11 5 Flagship Agateram by arvistaljik Flagship Agateram :iconarvistaljik:arvistaljik 8 0 Dragon Knight DOM Trooper by migs308 Dragon Knight DOM Trooper :iconmigs308:migs308 34 9 Penumbra Apex - Prothean Starship by Euderion Penumbra Apex - Prothean Starship :iconeuderion:Euderion 114 24 galactic heroes. by sugarmints galactic heroes. :iconsugarmints:sugarmints 299 36 LoGH Galactic Map by hardbodies LoGH Galactic Map :iconhardbodies:hardbodies 58 15 Hina Kagiyama by 0kasane0 Hina Kagiyama :icon0kasane0:0kasane0 94 7 Amelie. by Taiss14 Amelie. :icontaiss14:Taiss14 746 36 Tachikoma by arrghman Tachikoma :iconarrghman:arrghman 135 25 Tachikoma - Perfection by Mk-8 Tachikoma - Perfection :iconmk-8:Mk-8 123 84 Tachikoma by stickerhappy Tachikoma :iconstickerhappy:stickerhappy 238 54



Gallian Royal Air Force Renard R-41 Helios fighter
The Helios is a single-seat monoplane fighter based on the Italian Reggiane Re.2000 Falco 1 design. Featured heavier armaments and an uprated engine with better protection than its Italian counterpart, the type proved to be quite successful in combat through its service career during Invasion of Gallia.

After the Gallian government received the first 30 Re.2000 Falco Serie I along with a license, these planes were quickly brought back to state factories for modifications and retooling the assembly lines for the new fighter production, now under the name Renard R-41. The troublesome Piaggio IX ragnite engine was replaced with a Wright Cyclone ragnite engine of 1050hp, driving a constant-speed Hamilton standard propeller.Armaments was changed from 2xfuselage mounted Breda SAFAT .50 HMG to 2x .50 Browning M2 in the nose and one on each wing (300 rpg). Max speed was 505 km/h at 4102m with fuel tank endurance for 2h40 min. The Helios also have rudimentary self-sealing fuel tank and an 8mm armoured seat for the pilot, but these still proved to be futile against German MG FF cannons. A bomb rack in the fuselage was also fitted for fighter-bomber role, with capacity up to a 250 kg bomb. With these new upgraded features, the Helios is a fighter well-suited for modern needs in the upcoming European War.

The first R-41 Helios aircraft flew on Jan 1935, an order of 100 Helios was placed, but only 44 were completed and ready for service when war with the Empire broke out, additional 25 airframes were still in assembly lines when Germanian troops overran Renard factories. In combat, the type was very maneuverable and can outturn as well as outdive the German Bf-109E in level flight, however their effectiveness was rather limited due to the outdated tactics and combat doctrines the Gallian military still have from the previous Great War.

A design i made for a VC fanfic on by HeinkelBoy05: "On the Gallian Front The Gallian-Germanian War"…
WIP Reggiane Re.2000 Falco I
Alternate Italian fighter design for Heinkelboy05 Valkyria Chronicles fanfic story The Gallian-Germanian War
M27 Centurion Main Battle Tank
A vehicle i designed for an author of a Mass Effect crossover fic on, his works can be seen here:…


An antiquated Federation Main Battle Tank, the type was no longer in service in the mainstay Federation Army during the Second Bug War, although they are still being manufactured for colonial garrisons which lack access to higher-end equipments.

The Centurion design was based on the principle of hit-and-run, and defensive tactics back during the Disorder Wars period on Earth. This tank was designed to be mobile and small, allowing greater flexibility compared to its successor, its small chassis means it can move up relatively narrow mountain roads, and more can be fit upon trains and transportation. With the Federation rethinking their mindset on the more defensive doctrines for their armored units, these vehicles are specialized in defensive-roles, this proved to be a liability for these vintage tanks when the Federation launched their retaliation campaigns against the Pseudo Arachnids and the Batarians. This same disadvantage translates to excellent defensive capabilities, as everything from Skinnie Chariots to Batarian Varush tanks learned to fear the Jagdpanzer Hetz.

Already when the 2nd Bug War came to an end, these vehicles showed their age, and it was only made worse with the discovery of the Mass Effect. Originally just an old variant for a style of warfare made impossible by the Bugs and Skinnies, it was quickly rendered obsolete by advancing technology from the Citadel. The most obvious disadvantages was the lack of an energy shield, along with inferior metallurgical protection against hi-velocity Mass Accelerators, these quickly proved to be fatal for the unfortunate crew of these tanks which faced raids from the Terminus and Batarians. Nevertheless, they are still being mass produced and constantly upgraded with up-to-date equipment. Examples of these upgrades include ablative laser proof coatings, improved thermal sensors, state of the art armor plating, and improved engines.

 The tank has a reputation for being cheap, fast, and reliable. Able to run on anything that burns, can reach up to 88 MPH in favorable off road terrain, being relatively easy to maintain, and can mount a variety of weapon systems. it maintains the Federation’s desire for modularity, with the various turrets being able to be replaced, and the casement weapon’s also being able to be swapped out. Typically used for garrisons in defensive actions, the tank has a reputation for being the Colonist’s vehicle of choice, with the Colony of Neo Novogorsk claiming it as their Planet Vehicle.



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